4 Learning Group Medical & Scientific Communications

Provides consulting services to support optimization of their clients’ resources through creation of compliant strategic and tactical plans. From publication planning to educational program development or regulatory document preparation, 4 Learning Group can customize a solution for you.

Successful outcomes result from strategic planning and execution. 4 Learning Group identifies gaps in knowledge or in the availability of educational materials on a health care relevant topic then develops engaging content to deliver scientific or clinical information for:

  • Healthcare professionals: deliver details about disease management or new treatment options for patients through peer reviewed journal articles, journal supplements, program materials presented at professional society meetings, or monographs.
  • Decision makers: communicate facts and features about your products, technical aspects which distinguish your products from competitors’ products, or comprehensive reviews.
  • Consumers: life style interventions may be the first line of action needed to positively influence health. Providing consumer-oriented information to learned intermediaries may improve communication between healthcare professionals and patients to produce joint decision making related to healthcare issues.
  • Business partners: communicate your research to your business partners, alerting them of project breakthroughs, completions, achievements, and associated learnings

4 Learning Group adheres to internationally recognized recommendations and standards for pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, and biotechnology companies.

4 Learning Group Dental Education

Can develop or assist in the development of dental education programs for healthcare professionals or the public.

4 Learning Group supplies all learning materials and supporting documents to immediately begin the Dental Assistant Training Program at your site. This 80 hour certificate program prepares adults for a new career in dental healthcare. The program is currently being taught at a community college for more than 9 years. The majority of students who successfully completed the program have also passed the state radiology certification exam.