Leadership Team



Kathleen Boyle, Managing Director, has 25 years of work experience spanning early phase development through NDA, sNDA, and 510(k) submissions and pre- through post-marketing communications. As a Certified Medical Publication Professional (CMPP), Kathleen has planned and executed publication strategies for drugs and small molecules, therapeutic proteins, diseases/disorders related to genetic, metabolic, and age-related processes, and consumer-oriented life style interventions. She partners with pharmaceutical and device industry professionals, opinion leaders, and healthcare professionals to develop enduring materials published in peer reviewed journals and on websites, and educational content presented at professional conferences. Throughout her career, Kathleen has combined her research methodology, data analysis, and communication skills to develop engaging scientific/clinical content thus providing individuals in various arms of the healthcare industry with information which supports evidence-based decision making.



Donald Robbins, Managing Director, developed the Dental Assistant Training Program and associated materials after talking with his employees and employees of other dental professionals about the training they’d received wither on the job or at a school. He evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of those training programs and what was apparent was the need for a training program which exposed the students to sufficient dental practice theory (eg, anatomy, infection control, radiology) and which provided hands-on training for tasks performed daily as an assistant. As a former instructor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Robbins was confident in his ability to develop a program which would meet or exceed the needs of the majority of practicing dentists. The Dental Assistant Training Program, as taught, requires a high school diploma or GED. The program is delivered in an engaging and unique format which meets the needs of the students and prepared them for a new career.

Realizing the success of this program and recognizing the opportunity it provides for career development of young professionals, Dr. Robbins now offers the program through state licensed educational institutions (eg, community colleges, technical schools, dental offices).