4 Learning Group Dental Education

Can develop or assist in the development of dental education programs for healthcare professionals or the public.
4 Learning Group supplies all learning materials and supporting documents to immediately begin the Dental Assistant Training Program at your site. This 80 hour certificate program prepares adults for a new career in dental healthcare. The program is currently being taught at a community college for more than 9 years. The majority of students who successfully completed the program have also passed the state radiology certification exam.


The Dental Assisting Training Program has been taught in state licensed schools since 2002. It has been successfully presented in a private dental office and at a community college. Each year the number of enrollees increases as the reputation of the program spreads. One school offers the program during 3 different sessions throughout the calendar year.

The Dental Assisting Training Program is an intensive course designed to teach as much information as possible in a short 10-week period. The goal is for the student to enter the healthcare workforce as quickly as possible and to be highly competitive with their knowledge and skill set experience.

Let us give you some idea of the advantage this dental assisting course provides to participants. Although no longer operating as a licensed career school in Pennsylvania, throughout the 3 years the course had been offered at The Dental Training Center in Exton, PA, 65 students attended and completed the course. All graduates of the program who took the Pennsylvania State Radiological certification examination achieved a passing grade on that examination. That means the program graduates are licensed to take intraoral radiographs on patients. Being x-ray certified is a distinct advantage the graduates hold over other individuals who apply for entry level positions in a dental office. The “hands-on” training in an actual dental office environment gives our program major advantages over other lecture only, on-line, or home-study courses. Our graduates appreciate the time and effort to teach them the skills they need on real dental equipment, using actual dental materials and supplies (see testimonials). Many students enroll specifically for the in-office training.
If program graduates looked for employment in a dental office, most received a job offer as a dental assistant either by the end of the course or within a few weeks thereafter. Notably, these graduates earn $4 to $5 per hour more than dental assistants who had not completed this program (ie, applicants who had taken a lecture only or internet only dental assisting course, untrained applicants hired into a on-the-job-training in a dental office). The tuition, including application fee, is currently under $3000 and includes handouts and materials. Cost of textbooks is additional. Consequently, the student’s cost can be earned back in approximately 5 to 6 weeks employment (at an average $14 - $16 per hour).

The Dental Assisting Training Program teaching materials are supplied by 4 Learning Group to enrolled students at the licensed school offering our program. Course content is updated regularly. The materials included as part of the license with 4 Learning Group include:
  • 1000+ PowerPoint slides
  • Class schedule for an 80 hour training program delivered in a basic configuration of 10-eight hour classes
  • Weekly learning objectives for each class
  • Weekly instructor goals for each class
  • Class syllabus for students
  • Homework assignments
  • Lab/practicum assignments
  • Materials needed for each week of class (eg, sign-in sheets, attendance sheets, lecture aids, course handouts, lab materials, homework assignment)
  • Quizzes and final examination

A 4 Learning Group representative can meet with you to discuss the needs of your individual educational setting. Free assistance is offered to integrate this program into your current offerings or offer it as a new program. Additionally, licensing and consulting fees are reviewed and the logistics of how the program will run can be discussed. If needed, our representative will assist your school in locating a suitable dental office for the practical exercise classes. This Dental Assisting Training Program is self-contained and can be administered by a single individual with dental assisting knowledge, eg, dental assistant, dental hygienist, dentist, dental educator. A dentist is not necessary to administer this program.

Contact us for further information: contactus@4learninggroup.com.

4 Learning Group can also assist your school or organization with the following:
  • Obtaining and installing the dental equipment, instruments and materials needed to host this and other dental assisting courses at your school
  • Locating a suitable dental office for practical exercise classes
  • Assisting with recruiting for teaching staff positions
  • Configuring the program content to allow alternate class schedules (eg, from the current ten 8-hour Saturday classes to twenty 4-hour evening or day classes)
  • Marketing and publicizing your new program