4 Learning Group

Provides consulting services to support optimization of their clients’ resources through creation of compliant strategic and tactical plans. From publication planning to educational program development or regulatory document preparation,
4 Learning Group can customize a solution for you.

4 Learning Group adheres to internationally recognized recommendations and standards for pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, and biotechnology companies.


4 Learning Group provides consulting services as needed to allow clients and educational providers to optimize their resources and deliver compliant, strategic products. Dr. Kathleen Boyle can assist you with your questions.

          What students are saying!

They gave great information about clinical/lectures. And even their own experiences…Very nice class, I learned a lot and everyone was great.

Shannon A.

This course was great. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

Deborah T.

Dental Program

Learning objectives of this program include
  • Comprehensive lectures from basic science to advanced theoretical principles of the field
  • Practical applications of scientific principles
  • Preparation for state examinations and professional organization certifications where required
  • Communication skills for interactions with patients and co-workers